Death of Bishop Joseph Kenney

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Press Release on Marriage Equality


We are a vibrant and growing community of faith where unity is found in our diversity, and where the Kingdom of God is revealed daily.



We, the laity, and clergy of the American Catholic Church Diocese of California, commit ourselves:

To seek
the Unity of God’s love and wisdom for All, believing that God’s Spirit will complete what was prayed for by Jesus and the subsequent work done “by human hands” in Christ's name.

To service
of others in whatever ways present themselves to us as individuals and as a community, believing that God’s Spirit moves continuously throughout creation, and the gifts, talents and opportunities we embrace and share.

To creating
community among ourselves in order to better discern and nurture God’s call and our ability to minister.

To build
communities, formal and informal, in the world that exemplify the Good News message of hospitality and welcome, regardless of the realities of people’s past, present or future.

To break down artificial barriers,
welcoming to the Gospel and ministry all people of good will. This is particularly to be expressed in our openness to share ordination, once a call has been tested, with women as well as men, with married as well as single persons, and regardless of a candidate's sexual orientation or gender identity.










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3900 Cleveland Ave                                        1057 Sycamore Dr                                        374 North Magnolia                                      Catholic Community

San Diego, CA 92103                                     Vista, CA                                                       El Cajon, CA 92020                                       (In formation)

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What is Ordinary Time?

The rhythm of the liturgical seasons reflects the rhythm of life — with its celebrations of anniversaries and its seasons of quiet growth and maturing.

Ordinary Time, meaning ordered or numbered time, is celebrated in two segments: from the Monday following the Baptism of Our Lord up to Ash Wednesday; and from Pentecost Monday to the First Sunday of Advent. This makes it the largest season of the Liturgical Year.

In vestments usually green, the color of hope and growth, the Church counts the thirty-three or thirty-four Sundays of Ordinary Time, inviting her children to meditate upon the whole mystery of Christ – his life, miracles and teachings – in the light of his Resurrection.

If the faithful are to mature in the spiritual life and increase in faith, they must descend the great mountain peaks of Easter and Christmas in order to "pasture" in the vast verdant meadows of tempus per annum, or Ordinary Time.

Sunday by Sunday, the Pilgrim Church marks her journey through the tempus per annum as she processes through time toward eternity.

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