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Starting a New Ministry


Do you have an idea for a new ministry or group that you'd like to start?  If so, you might not be alone.  After all, every ministry started as an idea.  Here are some helpful steps for moving an idea to ministry:

  1. Think through what your idea might look like.  How often you'd meet?  What would you do?  What kinds of people would be interested? 
  2. Pray.  Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance as you discern this new ministry or group.
  3. Talk to other parishioners.  Ask what they think about your idea.  See if you can find others who share your passion and might be interested in getting involved.  It is important to find others that share your vision and dedication -- you can't do everything after all!

Contact any priest or phone: 619-295-1489 when you're ready to take the next step.   


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