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  Weddings   - Welcome to Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox, Non-Denominational and the spiritual but not religious          

Peace be with you!                      

We are a self-governing Catholic jurisdiction providing the Sacrament of Marriage to all who call upon us. We serve both contemporary and traditional Catholics, the Orthodox, Protestants,  Non- Denominational, and the spiritual but not Religious. We open our arms to all in the service of Christ.

We realize the ever increasing trend toward wedding services that respect and express the feelings of brides and grooms, and therefore we place no undue burdens upon couples. Our clergy are able to officiate at weddings in the venue of your choice whether that be in a church, outdoors, in a winery, country club, on a beach near the ocean, or in the backyard of a friend or relative.

Our priests and deacons are ordained in Roman or Independent but valid Catholic jurisdictions and are officially affiliated with Bishop Lou Bordisso. Hence, we can insure the sacramental integrity of their service to you.

In creating a wedding ceremony, it is important to select a priest who is competent and experienced in pastoral care. Our experience is that couples want a ceremony which reflects who they are - their values and dreams. They appreciate a priest who will take time to discuss the many options that are available to them.

We possess the ability to deal with the often delicate issues of inter-faith marriages, and the authority and personality to help you overcome the stresses of your wedding day. We have had the opportunity to solemnize vows within the context of, among others: Buddhist, Buddhist-Catholic, Catholic or Protestant-Jewish, , Catholic-Muslim, Catholic-Hindu, Christian-Agnostic, Jewish, Jewish-Catholic, Hindu-Muslim, Muslim, Hindu and other faith traditions. We have used rites specific to the Filipino and Hispanic cultures (coins, rope, and veil). We also solemnize vows within the context of personally designed ceremonies. We are open and able to meet the specific needs and desires of a couple in whatever way each might want to solemnize their vows. The ceremony is the central event in all the happiness and celebration that surrounds a wedding. It follows that a priest needs to be a qualified professional who can provide an exceptional, joyous, personal, and memorable ceremony.

We suggest that the couple and the officiating priest or deacon meet at least once. During this meeting, the couple and priest/deacon have the opportunity to get to know each other and discuss the wedding ceremony and other pertinent details surrounding it. The priest/deacon may present the couple with a packet of information regarding their ceremony. There are no required classes or other stipulations that the couple must satisfy to have a priest or deacon solemnize their vows. Our clergy attempt to work with all budgets without making this an obstacle to the ceremony.

Each of our priests holds at least the Master of Divinity degree from a fully accredited theological institution or equivalent, and each has extensive experience in ministry. Our clergy are pleased to share their educational and professional expertise, while answering questions about ceremonial dynamics and theology.

In addition to officiating at wedding ceremonies, our priests also minister to the terminally ill, the aged, the grieved, and do extensive teaching and counseling. They are available for all other sacraments and services.   Please click here to contact us about these services.

Marriage Information / Request Form

In order for us to process this form you must have a valid email address, a date, time and location for your wedding as this provides a method to reach you and schedule your wedding.  Preliminary wedding information is acceptable.

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Other Information, comments and questions you have and particulars of your wedding details?

You will be contacted by Martin De Porres Griffin
 Presiding Bishop
American Catholic Church
Diocese of California 
with clergy and ministries in Oregon and Nevada
Information provided will be held in the strictest confidence