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This Web Page is intended to provide a place for your shopping pleasure. Each time you go to one of these websites the church receives a small amount of money for your visit and or purchase of items from these websites. While this does not individually amount to a lot of revenue for the church, combined with others the church is able to offset some of the costs of the operation and maintenance of our website.  This is an easy way to help out the church without incurring any additional costs to you.

Full Church Store (AMAZON)

You can use the link above to purchase ANY item from Amazon.

Must Read

Historical perspective of the Independent Catholic Movement
in the United States.

Catechetical Resource
of the
Catholic Faith

A refreshing view of Saint Paul's view on homosexuality
based on Holy Scripture

Contemporary Insights
Sacred Scripture

  Other Resources
  Summa Theologica
by Thomas Aquinas
Bible - New Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition A great gift for the ordained

Sacramentum Mundi

Suggestions for Wedding Preparation

Suggestions for Theological Studies


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