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Peace and all good things be yours!

My faith and service of God and Godís people is very important to me. My journey has taken me from my initial church of baptism, the Episcopal church to reception into the Roman Catholic church. From the first Mass I attended as a teen, I fell in love with the Church, its sacraments, and its ministries. My journey has included a call to service as a minister in the Catholic Church as a Conventual Franciscan Friar. Franciscanism became my spiritual charism and will always be the heart of my spirituality. During my ten years of ministry as a friar, I mostly worked in the education apostolate. I taught in schools in Athol Springs, New York; Birmingham, Alabama; and Los Angeles, California. I also served as the pastoral associate for our mission parish in Bessemer, Alabama. As I reflected on and discerned my calling, I eventually realized I needed to leave my religious community and look for the place and lifestyle that would truly support and fulfill me. After leaving the Franciscans, I have served as a high school principal in two public schools in the greater San Diego area. I am excited about my reception into the American Catholic Church, Diocese of California, my ordination as deacon, and my fast approaching ordination to the sacred priesthood.

I have felt called to priestly ministry since adolescents. I feel the call to witness to Christís love and to share in the faith journey of others towards Christ. As a priest, I will have the opportunity to grow with others and be ministered to by others. I will be provided the opportunity to share the joy of a family at the birth and baptism of a newborn child, the joy of a teen saying yes to Christ in confirmation, the faith of a Christian as they strongly believe in and receive the body and blood of Christ in the Eucharist. I will also be able to share in the reconciliation of Godís holy people in the sacrament of penance, the joy shared when a couple commits to one another in marriage or holy union service, and I will learn many lessons from the dying and those who fall asleep in faith. This is my call and with the help of God and our Church, it will be brought to fulfillment for the greater glory of God!